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Triple Bed Room

Room Description

Inam Girls Hostel Muslim Town Branch Offers the Best Living Environment to the Students and Professionals with the Best Facilities of Food, Laundry, Kitchen, Ventilated Rooms, Air Conditioning, and Wi-Fi.

If you need to drop your budget a bit low for accommodation as you have a lot to spend on other things as well; a triple bedroom in the best girls hostel in Lahore would be the ultimate choice. We at Inam girls hostel offer you ventilated triple bed room with proper bedding and mattress as well as sitting areas for studying & work purposes. We have multiple rooms that are designed and arranged with proper settings.

The cupboard area is proper with partitions for each of the roommates. There are hanging sections as well as drawers with proper locks and security. It is the best Working Ladies Hostel in Lahore that facilities professional ladies to live in a secure and home-like environment. Female student hostel with all the basic facilities like Wi-Fi, air conditioning, kitchen, and mess. Inam girls Hostel is the best working ladies’ hostel in Lahore and a female student hostel that gives a calm, contented, secure, and healthy environment with proper facilities of air conditioning, wi-fi, geyser, food, laundry, kitchen, bath, and many more. Get the right hostel for your stay in the heart of Pakistan and make your student life a memorable affair. We have students and teachers from Punjab University, FC College, DIMS, and other nearby universities and colleges making an educated and well-mannered environment.

The triple bed room facility at Inam girls hostel gives a budget-friendly solution to students and professionals looking for affordable budgets. Inam girls Hostel is among the best girls hostel in Lahore with perfect locations in Muslim town that links to different locations in the city effortlessly. Transportation and traveling become stress-free for students as the location has contact with the metro, local buses, and other transport facilities. This will lower the transportation charge for the residents. Our triple bedrooms are affordable. We provide new mattresses for beds and carpeted floors for a well-furnished environment. The staff at the Inam girls hostel are very friendly, protective, and supportive. They listen to your concerns and resolve them instantly for a better living experience here at the best girls’ hostel in Lahore.

If you are looking for a hostel search for better accommodation. Just landed the correct page as we at Inam girls hostel provide you with every facility with a complete environment for working ladies, students, teachers, and other female visitors. Book a visit with us and see how we are managing and operating. Inam girls hostel has a chain of hostels in the city with the best facilities and relative affordability with other hostels available in the city. We make sure to be certain that your stay at the hostel will be memorable and admirable. Your recommendations and nice experiences make it a treat for us. Book a visit with us and see the right option for your living and make it according to your comfort. our facilities and service charges are comparable to any hostel in the Muslim Town area.

Breakfast Lunch Dinner
Free Internet Wifi King size bed Attach bathroom
24 Hours Electricity Generator Filter water
Water Cooler Room safe Wardrobe
AC & Room Cooler
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